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155,295 Votes Decided 2019 Definitive "Best of" Directory of Shiawassee County Businesses

Posted by Perry Pulse at 7:28pm 4/1/19


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Three full months in the making -- the 2019 Shiawassee A-LIST votes have been counted; all 155,295 of them, and the results of the A-LIST were revealed on Sunday night.

Winners from Perry include Dr. Jill Larkin MD Family Medicine, Joe's Body Shop and Lori Loves Pets.  Two Laingsburg winners were also announced; Pine Hills Golf Club and Sleepy Hollow State Park.  All of the aforementioned are first-timers on the Shiawassee A-LIST!

You can view the 2019 Shiawassee A-LIST here, but continue reading here for some very interesting A-LIST nuggets.

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Without having reexamined the 2018 or 2017 lists, it seems the 2019 list is a bit more diverse than in the past years. More than 50% of winners are from locations other than Owosso. The 2019 A-LIST doesn't just feature the first-ever Laingsburg winner, but TWO winners from Laingsburg. The list also features the first Vernon winner, three winners from Byron, two winners from Bancroft, two from Lennon, five from Durand, six from Perry and ten from Corunna! There's even a winner from Henderson!
But someone is missing.  One of the winning businesses was disqualified from the contest.  This may sound shocking, but the reasoning is spelled out in rules established ahead of the 2019 contest.  Simply put, a business that is not in business, cannot win.  Such was the case with Jumbo's Burger Bar in Owosso.  Jumbo's would have taken the "Burger" category for the second time in the A-LIST's three year history, but because the establishment abruptly closed earlier this month, it became ineligible to win.

But wait -- what about RoboJoe?  RoboJoe Industries Major Appliance Repair was named the 2019 winner in the category of Appliance Repair, but RoboJoe officially closed in early March with the untimely passing of owner, Joseph J. Green.  

Rules are made to be broken.

There are some other fascinating highlights in the 2019 Shiawassee A-LIST, like 39 first-time winners.  That's more than half of all winners in the contest!

Then there are those that win year after year.  

Seven businesses made it two for two, 2018 and 2019.  Another five businesses have held on to the top spot every year since the contest began in 2017.

Congratulations to 88.1 and 89.7 Smile FM (Durand), Shaw's Pharmacy (Durand), Harris & Son (Byron), Louise Peacock Children's Services (Corunna), Brent's Pizza (Perry), Crystal Clean Carpet Care (Lennon) and Agnew Sign Co. (Owosso) for two years in a row, and to Aquarius Massage and Wellness Center (Owosso), Northside Animal Hospital (Owosso), Mid-Michigan Monument (Owosso), Volunteers of America (Corunna) and El Potrero (Owosso) for three years in a row!

Eight businesses are to be commended for their fighting spirit, having taken the top spot in the inaugural A-LIST in 2017, losing it to a competing business last year, and taking the crown back this year.  They are Schutt Photography (Owosso), Owosso Community Players, Windmill Point BP (Bancroft), Gilbert's Do-It-Best (Owosso), Jade Buffet (Owosso), BJ's Family Restaurant (Owosso) and JC Penney (Owosso).

This year, JC Penney won in all three categories it was nominated; another A-LIST history-making event.

The 2019 Shiawassee A-LIST by the numbers:

Total 2019 A-LIST vote submissions: 28,062

Total 2019 A-LIST votes: 155,295

Total number of 2019 A-LIST categories: 62

The 2019 Shiawassee A-LIST WINNERS by the numbers:

Total number of FIRST TIME winners: 39

Total number of winners reclaiming the top spot: 8

Total number of winners that were WRITE-IN: 9

Total number of two years in a row winners: 7

Total number of THREE years in a row winners: 5

Total number of winners that won in three separate categories: 1

Total number of posthumous awards: 1

Total number of disqualified winners: 1

The 2019 Shiawassee A-LIST WINNERS by location:

Total number of winners from Bancroft: 2 (3%)

Total number of winners from Byron: 3 (5%)

Total number of winners from Corunna: 10 (16%)

Total number of winners from Durand: 5 (8%)

Total number of winners from Henderson: 1 (2%)

Total number of winners from Laingsburg: 2 (3%)

Total number of winners from Lennon: 2 (3%)

Total number of winners from Owosso: 30 (48%)

Total number of winners from Perry: 6 (10%)

Total number of winners from Vernon: 1 (2%)

Congratulations to all the 2019 Shiawassee A-LIST winners and thanks to you for your nominations and votes over the past three months!

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Burns Grange To Host Chicken Dinner Tornado Relief Fundraiser

Help Raise Funds for Tornado Victims -- Eat Dinner At Burns Grange On April 7th

Posted by Perry Pulse at 12:49am 3/22/19


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On April 7th, Burns Grange #160 will host a Benefit Chicken Dinner for victims of the March 14th tornado.

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